LA WAYZGOOSE 2017 July 20th-23rd LOS ANGELES

LA WAYZGOOSE 2017, APA’s annual letterpress celebration, will be held at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA (Los Angeles Metro Area) from July 20th-23rd.

Hosted by Mark Barbour APA 662 and his team at the Printing Museum, this year’s Wayzgoose will be a very full weekend of letterpress printing, type and typecasting, among the backdrop of one of the world’s largest collections of antique printing machinery.

Given the Printing Museum’s involvement in renting presses to the studios for more than 50 years, this year’s Wayzgoose will have a special Hollywood theme to it. There will even be a Hollywood-style screening of PRESSING ON: THE LETTERPRESS FILM, complete with large letterpress printing of movie posters!

Schedule details and presenters are still being confirmed, but here are some basics to help you plan for a July sojourn to Los Angeles:

THURSDAY Workshops on Advanced Platen Press Makeready Techniques, Operating a Windmill for beginners and Intermediates, Ludlow Operation & Maintenance, Paper Marbling, Designing & Printing with Metal Type Ornaments with Jen Ferrell, Ludlow Operation & Maintenance, Thompson Typecasting, and an open house at Kevin Bradley’s Church of Type in Santa Monica.

FRIDAY 19th c. Printers Letterpress Specimen Exchange (Gregory Walters); Gordon’s Dream: Platen Presses Large & Small in the Museum Collection; Windmills on My Mind with Jim Daggs; Demonstrations and Printing on Platen Presses of Every Type in the Museum; Typecasting (Linotype, Intertype, Monotype, Ludlow, APL, Hand-casting, Thompson, Elrod); Large Printing of Movie Posters; a screening of “PRESSING ON: The Letterpress Film”.

SATURDAY Large Letterpress Swap Meet, APA Letterpress Auction, 50 Years of Dave Peat’s Letterpress Calendars, Banquet with presentation “LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Printing Presses in Hollywood”.

SUNDAY MORNING Treasures from the Printing Museum’s Library; California Letterpress Treasures:  Kitty Maryatt The Scripps College Press; Dr. Ethan Lipton Richard Hoffman: LA Master of Ornaments 

If you have any questions, feel free to communicate directly to Mark Barbour  This website will be updated with further information about the annual event as details develop….