Thursday (July 20) Workshops

We have lined up a number of great workshops for the LA WAYZGOOSE. Since each workshop has limited room, you will need to register for the workshops separate from the Wayzgoose, and it will be based on availability. Workshop attendance is OPEN TO ALL, whether you are an APA member or not, whether you attend the Wayzgoose or not (though we fully encourage you to do so!). The workshops are always an amazing opportunity to experience new processes and techniques as a letterpress printer, and leave inspired.

*All Workshops take place at the International Printing Museum unless otherwise noted

Ornamental Letterpress Workshop

with Jen Farrell of Starshaped Press, Chicago (assisted by Jessica Spring/Springtide Press, Tacoma WA)

In this workshop, participants will explore the tradition of using type ornaments to create larger pictorial images, using basic sorts to build ornamental shapes. We’ll look at samples both historic and contemporary for inspiration, while learning tips and tricks for successful composition. All participants will have the opportunity to create one-color prints of their designs.

Fee: $75 per session. Limited to 10 participants each session.

Session One: 9 am to 1 pm SOLD OUT               Session Two: 2 pm to 6 pm

Alternative Freestyle Letterpress Monoprinting

with Kevin Bradley at The Church of Type, Santa Monica

Get off the printing grid for a day in this rare workshop with Kevin Bradley at his Church of Type. You will be learning hand-inked, hand-placed, contemporary freestyle letterpress poster printing with wood & metal type, images and hand carvings from Kevin’s amazing collection. You will learn to use the press as stamping machine rather than locking up forms. Kevin Bradley is one of the masters of bold, colorful letterpress posters utilizing real type and wood blocks he carves himself, what he calls “American Letterpress.”

Fee: $150 per person. Limited to 20 participants.

10 am to 5:30 pm            Location: The Church of Type, 3215 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica

Printing on the Windmill Press: Beginners to Intermediate

Ever wonder what it is like to operate a Windmill Press? Thinking about stepping up from a C&P or Vandercook but thought a Windmill was too complicated? Maybe you have a Windmill and want to advance your skills, learn how to do better makeready, print envelopes or difficult pieces, or maybe foil. This is the workshop for you! Class will be taught by industry-trained Windmill pressmen, and will be divided between beginners with no experience, and intermediate printers who need more than the basics. We have you covered either way.

Fee: $75 per person. SOLD OUT

 9 am to 12 noon

Foil Stamping Process and Techniques

Everyone wants to add foil to their letterpress printing! This workshop will introduce you to the process of foil stamping, from tabletop machines to platen presses; you will learn how to set-up a press for foiling, how to foil on different substrates, types of foil, common problems, where to acquire supplies and support. Participants will be actively printing multiple keepsakes using various types of foil and machines, including a Windmill Press with foil attachment.

Fee: $75 per person. SOLD OUT

2 pm to 6 pm


Platen Press Make-Ready Techniques & Printing

Fee: $75 per session. Limited to 10 participants each session.

             2 pm to 6 pm SOLD OUT


Printing on a Kelsey Press

with John Barrett, Letterpress Things

Fee: $85. Limited to 4 participants.

6 pm to 9 pm